We are pursuing a number of projects in the general areas of:

  • Exoskeletons and prosthetics
  • Human motion sensing
  • Haptic feedback

Some specific projects are below:

Self-Balancing Lower Body Exoskeleton

In collaboration with Prof. Alex Leonessa at VT, we are developing a self-balancing 12 DOF lower body exoskeleton intended for people with spinal cord injuries (SCIs). The design will allow people to walk without using crutches and at higher speeds than current exoskeletons for individuals with SCIs.

Exoskeletons to Assist with Lifting

In collaboration with Lowe’s Innovation Labs, we are developing exoskeletons to help Lowe’s employees lift heavy objects more easily, with less strain on their backs. Our initial prototype is a flexible structure using carbon fiber as leaf spring elements. This effort has received a good amount of media coverage recently!