Photo: Lab End-of-the-semester/holiday party, December 2016

The Assistive Robotics Laboratory is directed by Prof. Alan Asbeck.

PhD students:

Anik Sarker

Musharrat Mau

MS students:

Nathan Folta

Seetharam Krishnapuram

Sean Lee

Jakob Lyons (MEng)


Hee Doo Yang (PhD) - Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University

Mehdi Alemi (PhD) (Co-advised with Prof. Maury Nussbaum in the ISE Department) - Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School

Athulya Simon (PhD) - Now Postdoc at UMass Amherst

Tim Pote (PhD) - Now Co-Founder and CEO at Maroon Assistive Technologies, Inc.

Hubert Kim (PhD)

Joshua Hull (MS)

Ranger Turner (MS)

Micah Hardyman (MS)

Evan Claessen (MS)

Zackory Biggers (MS)

Taylor Pesek (MS)

Theo Long (MS)

Jack Geissinger (MS)

Bo Pang (MS, Co-advised with Alex Leonessa)

Caleb Goodson (MS)

Brandyn Greczek (MS)

Evan Wood (MS)

Andrew Peterson (MS)

Chen Tang (MS)

Bryan Barrows (MS)

Emily Beauchamp (MS)

John Kendrick (MS)

Xiao Li (MS) (co-advised with Prof. Alex Leonessa)

Shriya Shah (MS) (co-advised with Prof. Alex Leonessa)

Sigrid Whitmore (Dual MS with TU Darmstadt)

... and >70 undergraduates ...